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At Cincinnati Bell we’re inspired by our mission of connecting people to what matters most. Our Internship Program is committed to providing an experience that incorporates all aspects of Cincinnati Bell’s culture and innovative work. Our interns have the opportunity to impact all aspects of our work with customers, clients, and the community.

Preferred Characteristics

Our Interns should:

  • Be able to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Be well organized
  • Have a high attention to detail
  • Take initiative to work on assignments and other projects with minimal direction from their manager or their team leader
  • Be in excellent academic standing
  • Be pursuing a course of study relevant to department of interest

Internship Program

An internship with Cincinnati Bell, Inc. is a one-term work assignment, and can be full- or part-time. Interns at Cincinnati Bell are exposed to the fast-paced world of communications and technology in all facets. From HR to IT, our interns have the opportunity to experience it all.

Co-op Program

At Cincinnati Bell, Inc. Co-ops are integral to the success of key departments like sales, tax, and treasury. A co-op is a multi-work term agreement, traditionally representing at least three work terms alternated with school terms. Co-op positions are full-time, paid positions.

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