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Top Troubleshooting Content

Rebooting your equipment can resolve many Internet issues, including slow speeds.

Rebooting Your ONT

Learn the most common places to locate your ONT and how to reboot the equipment.

Troubleshooting Fioptics TV Equipment

Are you experiencing issues with your Fioptics TV service, including gateways, wireless access points or remotes? Learn more by watching this video.

Rebooting Your Gateway

Power cycling your equipment can solve many lingering Internet issues and can also help to refresh your entire system.




How to self-install your Fioptics Internet

Fioptics Internet instructions for self-installing your ZyXEL 3415 gateway.

How to Self-Install Your Fioptics TV & Internet

Follow these steps to successfully install your Fioptics Internet & TV equipment.

How To Self-Install Your Google WiFi

Google Wi-Fi provides a fast and powerful Internet connection. Learn how to install it yourself.

How To Self-Install Internet SafeGuard

Setup & install Internet SafeGuard on your device to ensure your family's safety.

Troubleshooting & Support

Rebooting Your Gateway

Power cycling your gateway/router can solve Internet issues and refresh your entire system.

Rebooting Your ONT

Internet issues, troubleshooting, Wi-Fi connection problems? Find and reboot your ONT.

Identifying & Locating Your Equipment

Find your Cincinnati Bell equipment so you are able to troubleshoot more easily

Resetting Your Wi-Fi Network Name & Password

Reset your Wi-Fi Networks to customize your experience and keep your family safe for cyber attacks. Visit to access this interface.

Additional Products & Features

How to Get the Best Wi-Fi Coverage at Home with Premier

Premier can boost your Internet performance. Learn what features are available for you.

Cincinnati Bell Internet SafeGuard

Protect all your connected devices and get online peace of mind with Cincinnati Bell's Internet SafeGuard.


Zyxel 660 Video de Auto-Instalacion

Video tutorial de autoinstalación de Cincinnati Bell en Internet para el ZyXEL 660 en español.

ZyXEL 4381 Video de Auto-Instalacion

Video tutorial de autoinstalación de Cincinnati Bell en Internet para el ZyXEL 4381 en español.




How to Self-Install your Fioptics TV Wireless Set-Top Boxes

Wi-Fi capable set-top boxes are a great solution for customers that are not able to use wires inside their home.

How to Self-Install your Fioptics TV & Internet

Follow these steps to successfully install your Fioptics Internet & TV equipment.

TV Settings

How to Navigate the Fioptics TV Menu

Access menus, search for On Demand content, and navigate Fioptics TV features easily. 

How to Change your Fioptics Menu Guide

Switch between three Menu Guide options to best suit your needs.

How to Modify Settings and Personalize Fioptics TV

Personalize your own TV experience and learn to modify your settings.

How to Use Parental Controls with Fioptics TV

Parental controls helps to block channels and programs that may feature content not suitable for children.

Troubleshooting & Support

How to Use your Remote Control on Fioptics TV

Learn what functions your remote can perform. Menu navigation, DVR function & more.

Troubleshooting Fioptics TV Equipment

If you happen to experience issues with your Fioptics TV service, including gateways, wireless access points or remotes, here you can find ways to troubleshoot and self-help.

Additional TV Features

How to Use your DVR with Fioptics TV

Set up DVR recordings, access your "LIST" and program reminders on the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics guide.

How to Access Video on Demand & Pay Per View with Fioptics TV

New release movies, your favorite classics, and TV shows all at your fingertips with Fioptics On Demand.

How to Use Catch Up & Restart TV on Fioptics

Tune in late or miss a show you wanted to watch? Go back in time and watch what you missed.

How to Use the Watch Fioptics App

Watch your favorite programs anywhere in your home with the Watch Fioptics app.


Connected Home Devices

DIY Installation & Setup

How to Install Your Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell is perfect for anyone's front door. Our friends Alex and Ryan will show you how simple the installation process is.

How to Install the Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is simple to set up. Watch how to install the thermostat in the right spot.

How to Cook Using Alexa

Our friends Alex and Ryan take on the challenge of cooking with Alexa to show how easy it is.

How to Use iRobot Roomba 980

The robot that started the revolution is back and better than ever and now includes the iRobot HOME App.

Product Overviews

Meet Google Nest Cam Outdoor

The Nest Cam Outdoor helps you look after your home- 24/7, rain or shine.

Meet Google Nest Hello

The Nest Hello combines the convenience of a doorbell with the security and intelligence of a Nest camera. It has 24/7 streaming, HDR imaging, and night vision.

Introducing Sonos One

The Sonos One blends great sound with Amazon Alexa for hands-free control of your music and more.

Introducing Nest Thermostat

The new Nest Thermostat has many features to enhance your home's overall climate control. Enjoy ECO mode and more.

Unbox With Bell & Tech Tips

Unbox with Bell - Google Nest Hub

Larissa and her son are unboxing a Google Nest Hub to show all it has to offer with remote learning. Follow along to learn how to install the app, set up the device, and more.

Unbox with bell - Nest Thermostat

Our friend Blake unboxes the new Nest Thermostat and shows the audience an overview of what's inside and what to do once you're ready to install.

Unbox with Bell - Sonos Move

Watch as our friend Matt does an unboxing of a Sonos Move and shows us how it works, how to set it up, and more.

Bell Tech Tips - Nest Thermostat

Watch as our friendly Tech provides you some great tips to help enhance your experience with the Nest Thermostat, like ECO mode and more.


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